About Flagship

Flagship Communities has built a model manufactured home development organization that is community-based and opening avenues for first-time home ownership that is having an impact upon the reputation and image of the industry. The company is building neighborhoods changing the industry language from trailers and trailer parks to homes and communities.

By transforming the front-end process of securing a home, whether it is a rental or purchase, Flagship has utilized its branding and technology programs to provide an array of products, locations and additional services, providing a positive experience, even for those who have had financial difficulties in the past. Flagship’s home ownership program is a transformative experience for individuals and for its communities, therefore improving the image and overall well-being of the manufactured housing industry.

Flagship Communities is one of the Midwest region's largest manufacturing house community developers. Our 45 residential manufacturing housing communities are located throughout Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee. With 25 years of experience in developing and managing manufactured housing communities, Flagship’s leadership team has a depth of experience in real estate, financing and community management.